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Gig email (sent 20 november 2007)

Hello again!

Anyone who's had the misfortune to be talking to us at the end of a long night is likely to have endured one of our various drunken rants (usually on such important subjects as why McFly are great (Ian), why Busted are great (Keith), why Razorlight are rubbish (all of us except Tharpy who probably hasn't heard of them - the lucky b'stard) or some overstretched analogy between band members and football positions:

Drummer - Goalkeeper
At the back, uses hands and feet. Only fellow drummers/goalkeepers will notice if you're good but everyone notices when you mess up.

Bass player - Central Defender
Tall. Good at nodding.

Lead guitarist - Winger
Often goes off on widdly runs which don't really go anywhere.

Singer - Striker
Gets all the glory after adding the easy bit to everyone else's hard work. Too worried about messing up hair to get properly involved.

So how's about meeting up with us where a) we'll be too busy to say much and b) it'll be too loud to hear us talk anyway?

We're playing at Storm (Leicester Square) on Friday 7th December and we're also playing a few songs supporting our friends The Brent Flood on Saturday 1st December at the Selkirk in Tooting.

More info and flyers on our gigs page

Hopefully see you there.

(PS you can sign up to our mailing list here)

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