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lowstar lowdown - friday 28 april 2006

hey there gentle reader! how are you doing? this is lowstar speaking as one on our first update. we thought you might be interested to know what's been going on in lowstarsville. obviously, we may have been mistaken and if we are may i just draw your attention to the panel on the left where you can visit the other parts of our site and find out when we're gigging next and where and what we sound like etc etc....right, so anyone still reading is fair game....

this week we have mostly been practising. man, this stuff writes itself. we haven't really thought a great deal about what's going to go in these updates or even what they're going to be called. we've gone with 'lowstar lowdown' today, we could've used 'lowstart' again, as it's the first one, or 'lowstirrings' and then i suppose if we have some salacious gossip about a soap star we could call it 'the daily lowstar', or if we get round to announcing the communist revolution that we often discuss over tea and biscuits we could call it 'the morning lowstar'. but whatever we call it it'll probably resemble this mindless stream of consciousness and we'll try to update it every week.

so, over the next few weeks you'll probably pick up on a number of regular things that happen in the rehearsal room every week. stuff like arguing over who has to pick which song gets played next, who goes to get the mics, how many dodgy leads will we get stuck with, which orifice does ian's mic look like it's been passed through... that sort of thing. thoughts on that to come, no doubt.

however, as this is the first communication, we'll just give you a round up of what we've been up to. we're currently rehearsing a set for the gig in brixton on may 16th, we're last on, so it'll be an extended set and it would be great to see you all there. practices are going very well, so it should be a good one. straight after the gig we begin rehearsing for a session we've got booked in the studio when we're aiming to record three songs - more of which later, i'm sure.

brief things we learnt from practice last night... the traffic from dorking to elephant was terrible, frank zappa writes very catchy tunes, it takes ian 3 songs to realise when keith turns his amp up, ian blocks ian's view of himself in the full length mirror on purpose, we got half a twix in our biscuit selection last night! the howling noises at the end of out of control are getting longer and longer by the week, ian and rob still haven't worked out that the first 3 times ian does the fill introduction to the new song he's not doing it for real, ian's 'mind map' is not quite as organised as his minutes but we do appear to be gradually opening our own lowstar school - study maths with the lowstar graph of rock, geography with the map of ian's mind... what subjects are next? who knows

finally, each week we're going to have a man of the match award - like they do on match of the day - to encourage us all to practise harder. so over to our pundit for this week's decision.... 'well, it's been a difficult decision this week, the band played well as a team and it was not a night for individuals. nobody really stood up and took the rehearsal by the scruff of the neck and made it theirs and i could give it to anyone of 4... but i'm giving the inaugural award to uncle rob for his honest assessment of the first run through of alphabet blues. at times you need your big players to stand up and take responsibility and that's what rob did last night, it takes a big man to do that and he turned the performance round in the second half to dominate proceedings.'

ok, i think that's it for this week, please send us any thoughts you have maybe of what we should include or what we should call this update or maybe you have thoughts on more subjects for the lowstar academy or if you have anymore thoughts on lowstar puns. you can email us or send us a message through our contact page... until next week this is lowstar saying adios amigos...

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