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The lowstar lowdown 10 - monday 17th july

A very good day to you all, we trust you are well and, if not well, soon to recover at least. Ainít summer grand. And I donít mean summer out of the the oc nor do I mean grand as in a thousand. No, quite simply, I just mean isnít this season of the year marvellous. Itís hot and sunny and everyone is in a good mood at least some of the time. Even the misery duo of lowstar canít help but smile a few times. It doesnít last long of course because for every hot sunny day spent idling by the river on a daisy infested meadow there are six spent in sweaty carriages packed full of people who spent the night before eating something deeply unfragrant and didnít bother showering with no air conditioning. I know you all know what I mean. But letís not dwell on that, because lowstar managed to get a rehearsal studio with a fully operational air conditioning unit for their practise this week and boy are they pleased about it. The air con was working so well in fact that half way through magic had to put on his hoodie. Fortunately the cops didnít bust his ass.

However, for every silver lining there is a cloud. And this week it was supplied by a PA system that didnít work. So we didnít feel unpleasant, but we couldnít hear any singing. Swings and roundabouts. One day weíll leave a practise room with nothing to complain about. Maybe.

So how was it, I hear you ask? It was great actually. Mostly because when youíve spent the week with your nose to the grindstone and those kind people on the underground have screwed up your line for 3 of the days of the week or youíve had to write a 10-minute talk on how computers are taking over the world and started by designing shopping trolley wheels, or youíve spent the week being available to help people out but no buggerís about, or yogi and boo-boo have stepped up their pickernick basket snatching and if that wasnít bad enough the sycamores are aiding and abetting and your tree officer is deep deep undercover pretending to be a dutch elm, but sounding more Belgian, itís utterly utterly brilliant to go into a small room and smack the living crap out of a set of drums that have done nothing to deserve it or crank up your amp until you have two forms of control: off or squealing feedback. Honest. Try it, itís awesome. And we loved it.

So what did the Ďstar get up to? Well, we ran through a bunch of old stuff, tried to figure out how we are going to play the recorded versions of the new songs weíve just recorded, we talked about designs for the new cd - coming soon folks, so watch this space for details - and then we went and worked on a couple of possible new songs. Provisionally titled Ďthat one in bí and Ďthe riff oneí. Although, that might change. Iím not saying it will, but weíll keep you posted.

Itís quite interesting how these new songs come into being, keith seems to jump right ahead and starts worrying about what the middle 8 will sound like while still playing the first verse, ian alternates between trying to haul everyone in to repeating a part of the song so people can Ďjam around ití -lowstar go jazz - and jumping right ahead to working out the ending and sticking in a bar of 5/4, rob picks out a killer bass line then claims he doesnít know what heís doing and magic plays along serenely quietly wondering how late he can leave it before coming up with the words. The inner workings of a band, itís a beautiful thing.

So this weekís teabreak was spent poring over designs for the cd cover. They will need some tweaking but weíre getting there. But as weíre in an advanced stage, this coming weekís discussion topic is up for grabs, so pleased feel free to write in and give us something to get our teeth into, weíll gladly include it in the lowdown next week. As a brief example, this week one of our breatheren had this thought - wouldnít it be ace if we could control cars with our minds. The feeling was that if a car could be controlled by our very thought processes, maybe it could be tapped in to our consciences too. And that would mean that not only would the control of the car be more instant and smoother, but if we were to think to ourselves that weíd like to drive at 80 on a road with a speed limit of 50 the car would stay at 50 because we canít fool our conscience and the world would be a safer place. So thatís all sorted. But there is a problem, so maybe youíd like to write in a help us out with it. There is some debate as to whether this process would help the problem of falling asleep at the wheel. Now, ideally, when controlled by the mind the car should just shut down when the mind goes to sleep, making this safer too, but of course the mind doesnít shut down and what if once the driver is asleep he starts dreaming of flying, would the car try to take off? Could it change shape into I donít know an orange helter skelter. This would make motorway driving extremely hazardous. Needs more thought, I think.

So, to the adventures of imaginary alan. This week, imaginary alan came down to London with his imaginary girlfriend and had dinner with not-imaginary keith. They all had pizza. Imaginary alan had garlic bread and not-imaginary keith had ice cream. Then they chatted for a while and caught up a bit. Things are going very well for imaginary alan but he doesnít think heíll be around for a while now. Itís weird isnít it how an imaginary friend can spend so little time with his not-imaginary friend. But then heís got people to see (who canít see him) and things to do imaginarily. Itís a tough job.

in less than half an hour this was transformed into magic's glorious rainbow of rock Back to the practise, who excelled and who was keith. Well, goes without saying that keith was keith. And as a result he wonít be getting the lowstar woestar award, yet again. I believe this is very close to a record. My gut feeling is though that heíll find some way of winning one just before he manages to obtain that record. Maybe one week heíll turn up and no one else will. It could happen. Anyway, this week, he counts himself out by mucking up the recorded songs again and for inflicting his racket directly onto the refined ears of magic and stopping him hearing properly. Magic blew up the mixing desk and also loses points for emptying his kit bag in the middle of the room which made it look like one of those find which bit of string leads to the cake after the kitten has been at it puzzles. Iím all for a bit of rockíníroll, but thereís no excuse for an untidy kit bag. Ian was Ďthisí close to winning again, but messed up right at the death by talk of bars of 7/8, 5/4, and god knows what in the new song. Itís not even got a tune yet and already there are lowstarmen quaking in their boots. Or maybe it should be quacking in their boots. But to be fair, the dude is a drumming superbeing, he has special powers: his speedy fills can bring on heart arrhythmias in his enemies, his twirling sticks can hypnotise and so act as a truth serum, his headphones are impregnable to any known sound, and he has x-ray eyes and pointy hair and stuff. He is The Paradiddler. But he was beaten fair and square this week by the Throb. The throb kicked bass ass, with some great new song moments as well as some mighty fine backing vocals, this week he am the man.

All of which leaves us just the thoughts from practise.

- you know them biscuits with the cows on, theyíre called milk biscuits, but all biscuits have got milk in right? So whatís happening there?
- Whoíd have thought that the only picture we have of the four of us playing together has us all smiling?!
- Is it wrong that we were all really pleased to see the ikea trolley this week, truth be told Iím sure that more than one of us actually thought the ikea trolley was pleased to see us too.... or it might just have been one of us....
- Rob the throb had to do some very complicated mental arithmetic to work out the change from the hire of the room, how hard would it be for them to supply blackboards and chalk to work that shit out
- Do ianís mighty ear defenders leave an imprint in his spiky hair, much like alien spaceships leave crop circles? And will he end up with cauliflower ears like those big rugby playing men who stick their ears between other menís thighs?
- When given the choice between a clean guitar sound with chorus and a dirty sound in the new song, who really thought keith would go for the clean one? Perhaps heís feeling unwell
- Did magic refuse to bring anymore yumyums to practise because of tharpyís lack of enthusiasm? And uncle robís continued insistence that they should have jam in the middle. I mean, come on, heís just describing a jam doughnut, itís like saying, Ďthe yumyums are nice, but Iíd prefer them if they were a bit more cod-dy and covered in batter and maybe served with chips. Sheesh

So thatís it for another week. Have a good one yourself and write and tell us what youíve been up to or anything really, even if itís to call keith a loser for still not being able to win the woestar, I mean come on, how long has it been?

Next week, who knows what weíll bring you, probably some stuff about practise and the latest on the ikea trolley, maybe something about imaginary alan, but one thing I can practically guarantee is some bitter and twisted words from half of lowstar as the throb has yet another Friday swanning about at home after a practise and the paradiddler pops off to Greece. Itís started already.... more next week. See you all later (except rob and ian, part timers....)

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