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The lowstar lowdown 11 - monday 24th july

a brief lowstar lowdown after a brief lowstar week

how do. we're keeping it brief this week as not an awful lot has occured. we can't even update you on the latest news about the ikea trolley. now before you all start to panic, we're not saying anything has happened to ike, just that we don't know because we haven't been to the practice rooms. that's not to say that we have been shirking off, but we just had a week at magic's flat, discussing the cd and strumming a few chords whilst watching videos on mtv. mostly video mash ups, some good - busted/tlc and the strokes/christina - and some not so good - foo fighters/westlife. still we're sure you'll be pleased to hear we weren't wasting our time.

so how's the hot weather been treating you? lowstar have enjoyed the sunshine but not the unbearable heat on the tubes and buses. some of us got to enjoy the sight of a topless magic at last week's 'practice', although some of us couldn't believe that he couldn't find a top in his own house, still there are worse sights in the world. in fact the only shame is that we can't share the vision with you as we didn't have the camera with us. still if it'll help at all, it was much like one of those greek statues from ancient times had come to life and was talking about a graph of rock. only not in greek - i'm assuming a greek statue if it came to life would speak greek or would it depend on where they got the rock from? it's an interesting question - and also not missing any limbs, nor naked. perhaps i've said too much.

moving swiftly on, a brief update on the adventures of imaginary alan. imaginary alan has contacted not-imaginary keith by email, it appears that there is still some bad feeling about the time not-imaginary keith asked imaginary alan if he'd like to go to the pictures to see scooby doo. imaginary alan felt quite insulted and so not-imaginary keith went on his own. not-imaginary keith thought that was the end of it, but apparently not. unconfirmed rumours are even suggesting that imaginary alan decided to move a long way away from not-imaginary keith as a result of it. not-imaginary keith though thinks he made the right decision as the scrappy doo twist at the end was excellent, he also believes that imaginary alan will come round eventually.

onto to the lowstar woestar. there was much speculation about this covetted award this week at the practise this week. ian managed to rule himself out early on by not turning up at all, but if rumours are to be believed he still felt more confident about winning the award than keith. rob the throb, noble winner last time out, felt he had no chance as no one yet has one the award twice running. this is a good thing, it's an indication of how the award pushes lowstar on and how they all (except keith) raise their game. still, it's not a hard and fast rule and it could happen... but not this week. the throb pushed the eventual winner close but not close enough. keith didn't push the winner close, he switched off at important times while watching videos and went off on tangents, plus he forgot to bring a number of things and spilled his tea on his white t-shirt. so, it turns out ian did have more chance with the woestar award despite not being there, that's got to be a kick in the teeth for keith. anyway, the woestar winner for this week was magic, for his excellent hosting, his shirtless cooking and organisation. better luck next time lowstar (except magic... and, let's be honest, keith).

the throb of course made things difficult for himself by consistently going on and on and on about having the friday off. ian didn't mention his trip to greece once - where no doubt he'll see some statues and maybe he could get some answers to the interesting question about what language they would talk if they could. sure ian wasn't there and rob was and fine it's true that he only mentioned it when he was asked about it, but even so...

ok, i think that's about it. next week's may be even shorter as it looks like being a similar get together, but unless imaginary alan gets over the scooby doo thing, there won't be any of his adventures to report on. if anyone out there knows anything about ike the ikea trolley, drop us a line and we can pass on his status to all his concerned friends.

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