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Gig email (sent 24 july 2007)

Hi everyone,

The weather, eh? Lordy. Well that's the pleasantries out of the way, onto business....everyone needs something to look foward to, don't they? Whether it's finally finding some kind of meaning in a money/status obsessed selfish world, the new series of Star Stories or that first sherry when you get in (or up). For us it's gigs. We love playing gigs. Not organising them, negotiating equipment sharing with other bands who all seem to own no drums/amps, getting there, carrying stuff. No, not that bit (although the carrying bit has made us a bit more buff than we would otherwise be) - the playing bit. That and meeting up with you all for a few light ales afterwards. So as luck would have it, we're playing next Friday (3rd August) at the Metro Club on Oxford Street (near Tottenham Court Road station). We'll be on some time between 8 and 8.30pm. Unfortunately you'll probably still be sober then. Fortunately though, so will we. There's flyers here

And if you can be bothered, give us a play on the IAC music site. We were number 3 in the Rock chart last time we looked, just above Pete Townshend and the Divinyls. And we don't want an old man with a big nose and a lady threatening to touch herself above us, do we? Not right now, anyway.

Hopefully see you next week.


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