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The lowstar lowdown 14 - stardate sometime in late august

hey there, anyone know if those stardates in star trek actually mean anything and if they do, what are we on now how does it work anyway actually don't worry, forget i mentioned it. so how are you well i hope. we're all good, well i say good, i'm assuming a bit, i haven't heard anything from any of the lowstars for over a week now. so in the absence of any facts your weekly lowstar update will engage in some wild speculation. what do you mean 'what's new'.

so let's start with the throb. this week the throb has been taken hostage by yogi and boo-boo and held for ransom. normally the park rangers don't deal with kidnappers but tey think so highly of ranger rob that they struck a deal and swapped him for 6 pickernick baskets. once freed though, the throb took out the two bears after stripping down to bare feet and a white vest, much like bruce willis in die hard. bit harsh for a few pork pies, but it's the principle apparently. anyway, yogi and boo-boo won't be doing that again.

is it common to have an obvious tom jones caption? it's not unusual magic has absconded with the change from last week's rehearsal - more of which later - and gone across the border after a long and exciting road trip to wales. much like smokey and the bandit, he has had a few run-ins with the local constabulary and one 'sheriff' in particular who has followed him all the way to the valleys. expect a book of his journey and his 'journey' in the near future. in the meantime, we just hope there was enough change for him to get back, or he maybe forced to hitch a ride with tom jones. in his leather trousers.

ian has been deep underground working on new schemes for his alter-ego 'the paradiddler'. he has developed a specific paradiddle exercise that convinces worms that it's raining, he is then able to control them and has planned to march them - much like the pied piper - to gotham museum where will use them to gain access to the high security room where they keep the priceless viola that used to belong to mozart's cat, they will have to break through the cover which is sealed by a secret coded lock and bring it back to him. he's calling it the .... paradiddle tiddle's middle fiddle lid-dle riddle swindle.

keith meanwhile read a book on pirates.

this man sang green door and once attacked richard madeley on live tv. what more could you ask for? however, before they all went awol, there was a meeting of minds at the usual place for the usual rehearsal. only it wasn't usual. there was not much playing of the back catalogue and in its place the boys worked relentlessly on new material. which in turn has been described as punky, rocky, jazzy, proggy and confusing. these descriptions should all be disregarded though as the new songs are getting there slowly and are just going through necessary phases much like any newborn child. they're currently going through the terrible twos whatever that means. there was a lot of thinking on their feet - there are no chairs - a lot of changing around and a lot of ideas that never got further than 'hey, this is a bit left field but what if....'. still it's pretty cool to be immersed in that process and the boys lost complete track of the time and ended up getting turfed out, still discussing ways to improve them. it would be unfair really to single anyone out for an award such was the intensity of development of the songs. still it wouldn't be a lowdown woestar award if keith had any part of it, so let's single him out and say he doesn't get it for suggesting some very suspect prog ideas, even if there one or two things he came up with that rocked. hey, maybe i'm mellowing to him... nah, i take the bit back about rocking. this week's woestars are ian, magic and the throb - in no particular order. better luck next time keith.

thoughts of practice...

- will keith come through with his promise to produce a cd of hair metal hits for magic do you have any suggestions as to what should go on it
- will any of lowstar remember any of the arrangements they last made to the new songs when they return for their next rehearsal
- are they really aiming to get it to sound like the lovechild of ride and the queens of the stone age what would that look like and who's eyes will it have
- if the rumours are true and magic has indeed gone to wales to stay and write with shakin stevens, how will that kind of nurture add to the nature of qotsa and ride this 'kid' is going to have long hair and horns and be constantly looking down at his shoes which will be white and on tip toes...
- will the rehearsal studio's refusal to serve biscuits with their tea continue
- will ike the ikea trolley come back to lowstar after cheating on them with another band
- what kind of effect is de-tuning his bass to a 'b' having on the throb will there be long-term health issues to take into consideration
- will ian's new quest to find a new fill to start the new song continue to get more and more and more and more complicated and result in his arms folding around themselves like the branches of an old tree
- when's keith going to get his hair cut for god's sake!

on another matter, we'd like to thank james for clearing up the issues we had a few lowdowns ago about spaghetti. you may remember that we pondered on spaghetti a noche and what might be in it. helpfully, james has informed us that we were well wide of the mark and that if we called spaghetti a night it would of course be spaghetti bella notte, which as every fool knows is the dish served up in the lady and the tramp. i say every fool, but we didn't know that, thanks to james though and i'm glad we've been able to clear it up. should anyone have any other recipes we'd love to hear them.

no sign of imaginary alan, i think keith is sulking about it actually. he thinks we're picking on him and that we're making fun of his imaginary friend. as if...

anyway, that's all for now. take care and see you next time...

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