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lowstar lowdown 2 - wednesday 10 may 2006

hey there lowstarers, here's more from the journal of rock. (just to let you know, i'm regretting 'lowstarers' already, i thought it would be a nice, friendly way to start the update and yet on reflection it makes you, the gentle reader, sound a bit like a crazed stalker, which i'm sure you're not and even if you were, why would i provoke you like that? rest assured it'll be the last time i use 'lowstarers', but i'll not give up on the lowstar puns you'll be pleased to learn). so, onto other things....

firstly, let me apologise to you for not being able to get your fix of lowstar of late, we've been having problems with the website and it's been out of our control, so to speak, so we've had to leave it, despite worrying that we might be losing you because you couldn't get connected to us, but thankfully it's all back running now (as you can probably tell), well before autumn has hit us... i suppose we could run a competition to find the lowstar titles in that paragraph but we don't have any prizes to offer. if you would like to email us to tell us that would be great though.

secondly, following on from the first update, it has become clear that although everyone who was in the practice room was able to easily understand ian from ian, it may not be clear to those of you that weren't there. actually, if i'm honest there were a few times when i wasn't so sure myself. so for ease of understanding, we have opted to begin referring to the singing ian as magic - not, he is at pains to point out, because he sees himself as so good it can only be explained by the black arts, or even because of his weekly exploits on the football field, where apparently pele has picked up a few tips, although it's not clear on what, but because of his sister and a very long story involving the magic 'e' song (tat becomes tate with he, he's magic magic e), so from now on 'magic' means ian the singing man and 'ian' means thumping tharpy on drums.

right, so the business is out of the way, onto practice, which started late because of the lack of rob (remember though that without magic 'e' it would've started lat). no blame should be attached to rob though because we knew about it and he wasn't that late anyway, so please keep the abusive emails addressed to him to a minimum. or the usual number whichever is higher as he doesn't have to get up early today - as usual after practice. practice could be described as lethargic, but only because we were cooped up in a room smaller than a lot of bathrooms and with a similar heat and humidity to if there was a really hot bath in it. on a hot day. hey, in a way it was like singing in the shower only with all of us there. and more clothes - except at the break when someone began to loosen his clothing a little more than was comfortable for the rest of us, i won't say who it was, but uncomfortable became uncomfortablee with he. (that doesn't quite work i know, but in a funny way it does). it was good though and the set is decided for the gig on the 16th. the graph of rock is not drawn as of yet, but the piechart of pop has been revealed and it shows the set to be only 7% quiet, it will be 24% hooks, 15% miserable, 42% rock and the rest will be tuning. or feedback. actually, if you include setting up time it becomes 2% rock, 98% magic setting up his pedals so they spread before him in a rainbow of rock.

so thoughts from the practice....

- are ginger buns the new biscuits?
- will rob ever do a day's work following a practice again?
- will keith ever release his bitterness at rob's lack of work following a practice?
- are the rumours of an 'easy lover' cover well founded?
- will ian ever ever ever be happy with the fill at the start of the new song? or will it increase in dificulty until it becomes something that only the young musician of the year can play if he's feeling ambitious, i fear next week it may be played on timpani and glock.... how awesome would that be!
- where exactly had keith's mic been before rehearsal? it smelt funny
- what was that 'funny movement' magic experienced after a particularly deep throb from rob's bass?
- will the ikea trolley be there next week?

if you have any of the answers please feel free to write to us, or just write if you want to say hi or something.

anyway, before we go, the man of the match of the Weekly Occurrence Event or as i like to call it the lowstar woestar is..... 'well, brian, it was another toughie this week. there was a general togetherness, a calm before the storm, the lowstar panther was lying low ready to spring into action in a couple of weeks, but one man stood out above the others briefly, yes one man's vision revealed itself to be just that little bit 'special', a bit outside the box. while the others were content to make their usual noises only one man thought to himself 'what the end of alphabet blues really needs is a quick link into the police's walking on the moon.' that man was thumping tharp. take a step forward young man, it's your week...'

ok, that's it for another week... have a good one and see you soon!

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