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The lowstar lowdown 7 - monday 19th june

Hello there! How are you all? We hope you are all well and enjoying your surfing of the internet. Weíre very pleased you could spend some time having a look at our site and we hope you enjoy it. Welcome to our latest update! While youíre reading through this long and winding ramble through all the things we have and maybe sometimes things we havenít done, if any questions should occur to you please send us an email, weíd love to hear from you. Hey and why stop there. Should you just have thoughts on general stuff that you donít think anyone would be bothered about hearing, send that in too. Itís what we do in these updates and it would be wrong of us to turn such thoughts away. For example, this week we have been thinking that when you think about it, the Queen is only the Queen cos, ages and ages and ages ago, one of her relatives beat up one of our relatives and if sheís up for a rematch would she fight clean or dirty? See? We donít care, whatever youíve been thinking we wonít judge, send it in. talking of fights, anyone else think the bbc world cup team could take the itv world cup team with chains and clubs, but, in a bar room fight with broken bottles and that, itv would win?

Anyway, onto lowstar and what weíve been doing. As youíve probably gathered from the last few updates, this week we have been in the recording studio recording 3 tracks from our live set. We went to a place called perry vale studios, so called because itís a studio on perry vale in forest hill. We had a brilliant time and the tracks have come out really well. Weíre really pleased. A huge thanks has to go to the engineer, pat collier, who was fantastic. Weíre not entirely sure what weíre going to do with the recording yet, but you know where to find out first. And no itís not the sun or heat magazine. The recording session lasted 2 days and timed so as to allow us all a little lie in in the mornings. Which was much appreciated and taken advantage of. The first day covered the rhythm tracks, with good drum and bass takes nailed down, we went to work on the guitars. Magic and keith were very restrained, limiting the number of guitar tracks in some cases to single figures! Rob and ian spent this time in the control room with pat rolling their eyes and tutting. Much tea was consumed, some of it green and this all aided the singing, which again went very smoothly. Finally, the last few hours were spent mixing, arguing over when certain backing vocal lines should appear and disappear and trying to tone down the amount of feedback and white noise keith wanted to add on the top. Fortunately, magic, ian and rob were able to have a quiet word with pat while keith was on a bathroom break and the final mix sounds great as a result.

So who was the lowstar woestar of the recording session. Itís really tough actually, because the final mix sounds so good it would be very harsh to single anyone out. Rob the throb for example lays down some metronomic bass and there are some brilliant bits where you can hear the picking of the string. His backing vocals are also top drawer. Ianís drumming is simply awesome. The groove he gets into on the first two tracks is infectious and some of the fills towards the end of the last two tracks just make you smile. And as for magic, well his vocals are great, really emotive and the guitar tracks add something to each track, the one he played with a key ring and a flange is out of this world. Even keith rose to the challenge and didnít suck like normal. Sure he took more takes than anyone else, never really got control of his feedback, and often made noises that would be more at home in an episode of dr who, or some other sci-fi show a kind of lowstar trek if you will. But he got there in the end and youíve got to give him credit for that after the past few weeks. It would be a harsh updater not to include him in the woestar award this week. Can you see where itís going? Yeah, youíve guessed it, you canít have 4 winners of the woestar, itís wrong, you can get away with 3 but not 4. so Iím declaring it null and void this week. Or maybe Iíll give it to pat, he was pretty awesome too. Anyway, I do hope you all get to hear it soon, magic has disappeared to the Dominican republic this week, but when he returns weíll have a chat about what weíre going to do with the tracks next. I would imagine that little snippets will appear online though soon though.

On a connected point, it has come to my attention that magic rather kindly offered to put keith up for a couple of nights while they recorded. rumours that spending 48 hours with the no-woestar-awarded guitarist had resulted in a hastily arranged holiday break to the other side of the world can neither be confirmed or denied. In fact, itís entirely possible he hasnít left the country at all and is sitting at home with his xbox, a crate of beer and imaginary alan, who has in the past gone to similar lengths.

Rob had had enough before the mixing began and beat a hasty retreat to the depths of surrey. Robís day job is as park ranger in jellysone park and yogi and boo-boo are said to be having a whale of a time in his absence. Pickernick baskets have gone missing and everything. Ian, meanwhile, has not been heard from since leaving the studio muttering about the tone of his high-hats and keith has fled to Norfolk to join the protestors outside alan woodbineís chip shop. Theyíve set up barriers of mash that the authorities are attempting to destroy with armoured vehicles and high velocity ketchup hoses. But rest assured, the star will reconvene at the earliest opportunity. However, next weekís update may instead be devoted to the adventures of imaginary alan, as keith has assured me that imaginary alan does not mind his story being told. Iím sure youíre all very relieved to hear that.

News on the ikea trolley is also good. The ikea trolley at the rehearsal studio is till there and there appears to be no swing to the left or right as yet.

Just a few thoughts from the studio then and thatíll be it for this week....

- has anyone played a weirder looking mismatch of a drum kit and got it to sound so good? Perhaps only top catís drummer who played dustbins but managed to sound like buddy rich
- how in the name of all that is holy and pure did mojo magazine put the beatlesí revolution 9 nine places higher than day tripper in their beatles top 101?
- Does one-take ranger rob the throb (to give him his full name) ever make a mistake?
- Even if science could find a way of splicing the dna of fred astaire, ginger rodgers, gene kelly and ernie wise, would their weirdly wonderful offspring be able to match magicís footwork as he created noise mayhem with his rainbow of rock?
- How would science do that? Would it invite them all to a party, supply the drinks and hope for the best?
- How typically keith was it to break a string half way through recording his very first take!
- How many photos are there of ian behind his weird and wonderful drums and what does he plan to do with them all? This updater believes they should be put into bottles and cast adrift on the ocean, a kind of message in a bottle in reverse, castways could receive one and get over their initial disappointment at not being sent instructions on how to make a raft out of sand and seawater by pinning the photo on their palm tree cabin.
- And on a similar note, the recording session has taught us that should the unthinkable happen and lowstar were to be swept away to sea from their rehearsal studio in elephant and castle (stranger things have happened donít mock) and find themselves on a desert island, ian would lay the foundations for the shelter and it would be so good they could build it 20 stories high, rob would hold it all together with none of your cowboy mistakes and heíd do it right first time too magic would paint it and make it look pretty maybe with some stencilling and some matching curtains and keith would do the washing up.

Right thatís it from us. Write and let us know stuff or ask us stuff and that. Weíll be back soon, until then lowstar lowstopping.

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