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The lowstar lowdown 12 - monday 31st july

Hello again, from your friendly neighbourhood lowstarmen. We all hope you are well and still enjoying this exceedingly hot weather. Just a note on that before we get on with the admittedly short amount of news this week. Does anyone actually bother checking the weather reports anymore? Weathermen are surely just one step up from mediums and astrologers. Itís just guess work. Check the calendar, see what season it is and pick a weather type. I swear this week they have predicted rain every day, and not just a little drizzle, oh no, predictions of heavy storms, Hollywood blockbuster proportioned have been made. And where is it? A man standing outside for the entire week would only have got wet from a water pistol or if christiano ronaldo had walked past still bawling his eyes out after losing the semifinal of the world cup to france. Anyway, more of that next week Iím sure cos it doesnít look like thereís any sign of the sun going away. In fact, maybe this is a direct result of all the reality tv shows weíve had. Bear with me, thereís logic there. So, thereís so many of us on these shows that in effect weíre all on the television all the time and as we all know, because the Norwegian pop maestros a-ha have told us, the sun always shines on tv. What we need is less reality tv and more unreality tv. That way the sun will shine less and weíll all feel less irritable and more tolerant and loving, and that my friends would be a nice thing to televise.

So, whatís been occurring this week? Well, not much and yet loads. This week, ian has buggered off to Greece. Nice work if you can get it. Weíre all expecting big presents, so big in fact that heíll need an extra seat on the plane. And the throb was off partying with friends for a multi-day bender doing god knows what to who and where. So that left just magic and keith to do lowstuff this week. They met at the unofficial lowstar base in south London and did secret things. Itís much like batman and robin in the batcave, only without the batmobile, the bats, the threat of catwoman or the tights. But the paradiddler did need stopping because of his insane plan to introduce random bars of weird time signatures. It was a fiendish plot, but batman and robin seemed to have saved the day by very carefully working on the new songs and leaving less room for prog and jazz. The paradiddler is thwarted again and wonít even know it till he gets back from Greece.

make your own caption up. the image is disturbing enough as it is What else did the dynamic duo get up to? Well they played through a few ideas and talked over the cd inlay designs. Then they watched a few videos on mtv, ate some pasta and called it a night. Not the pasta, obviously, spaghetti a nocho, what would be in that? Would it be black stuff, like olives and really burnt sausages, or would it be things that only come out at night, like roast owl and badger. (editorís note: weíre not actually saying weíd like to eat this, obviously, itís just being used for comic effect, I mean, please, Iím all for weird food and all, but olives! Christ on a bike). It was actually a very productive get together, leading the dynamic duo to conclude that itís actually the throb that is a bad influence and a leader to the path of the astray.

Onto the woestar then. There was much talk about this at the practice, the theory being that as the throb and the paradiddler had not attended AND even worse were on holiday that it would be a straight fight out between the other two. However, because magic had won it last week AND he was also having time off to put his feet up, it was looking like keith would finally win his first award by default. Of course, I always knew he had it in him, and thereís no shame in winning it just because youíre the least poor of all the options. Ok, ok, thereís a little bit of shame in it. But imagine how much shame there is in it to not even win in that situation. Surely, he managed it this week. Well, frankly, no, he didnít. the stupid bastard spilt pasta sauce down his t-shirt for the second week in a row and Iím sorry but you just canít reward someone when he has a huge tomato-y stain where his flaming bib should have been. In fact, him and magic probably both ruled themselves out earlier than that by being so smug about being at practice. So, really itís a straight fight between the rhythm section. Will it be ian or rob. Rob, being the more rockíníroll of the two with his no sleep partying, wins just. But ian ran him close which really should shame keith because he finished below ian who hasnít been heard from for 2 weeks!

So, thatís about it for another week. No thoughts this week as we were too busy working to even notice the tv and the others were out of contact. Hereís hoping ike the ikea trolley is still ok.
Until next week then!

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